Shapify Booth 3D Scanner Key Features:

  • 12s – Scanning time
  • 400,000 Polygons
  • Printable color model: 3 to 5 mins
  • Throughput: 15 to 15 people/scans per hour
  • Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft (height x Diameter).
Digital Scanner Shapify

What is the Artec Shapify Booth?

The Artec Shapify Booth is 3D body scanning and selfie making automated machine. Use it to sell hundreds of high quality personal figurines every month. Scan your customer in 12 seconds. 5 minutes later a detailed 3D model is created automatically. Print the model using the Shapify printing and delivery all-inclusive service or use your own 3D printer. The customer then returns to collect their printed shapie on a designated day, or receives it in the mail.

A magnet for success

Perfect for venues with a heavy footfall, the Shapify Booth capitalizes on existing customer flows, attracts new customers and ensures customers return to your venue to collect their shapie. The booth can also be moved to different locations to maximize customer numbers. Set it up in a busy place, such as a theme park, shopping mall or airport, and watch the crowds build and the shapie sales rocket.

Shapify Booth 3D Body Scanner

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

Artec Shapify Booth features a fully automated process for creating 3D files. Use it to set up an innovative, lucrative and scalable business.

It’s the only software on the market that can process full body 3D scans automatically and quickly. Just compare the Shapify’s 15 minutes of automated cloud computing to create a 3D printable file with at least 2 hours of highly skilled work spent by a 3D modeller on every file made using photogrammetry or any other scanning solution.

Microsoft Kinect was created for capturing gestures and, together with its affordable price, offers relatively low resolution 3D scans, while Shapify Booth is armed with 4 hi-res professional scanners made to spec by Artec – a global market leader in 3D scanners – so the result is much more detailed.

Also when you use Shapify for Kinect you need to rotate at specific intervals to be scanned from every side, while in the Shapify Booth you stand still and the scanners rotate around you. It’s faster, easier and gives much better results because you can hold the same pose without any trouble.

Unlike photogrammetry the Shapify Booth uses real 3D scanners. This is what has allowed us to create software which automatically creates printable 3D files.
I. Front office
1. Meet the customer, check he or she is wearing appropriate clothes for scanning, recommend removing shiny clothes, jewelry, black shoes and glasses. Explain the process and ask the customer to hold still for 12 seconds while being scanned. Type the customer’s name (or e-mail) into the system.
2. The customer stands in the booth. You click on the “Start” button and make sure the customer doesn’t move during scanning.
3. After scanning, wait with the customer until the preview picture is ready. (About 5 minutes). Meanwhile discuss delivery options with the customer.
4. Make sure the preview is good and that the customer likes it.
5. Store the customer’s name (e-mail), chosen delivery address, size of figurine and number. (This can also be done during step 3)
6. Charge the customer.
7. The printable 3D file will be available to order or download on your online account within 15 minutes.

II. Back office, via the booth operator’s online account at
1. Log in to your personal account at If you want to print the figurine yourself, just select the model and press the “download” button.
2. If you want to order printing with Artec, please make sure your printing account has enough credit.
3. Go to Gallery, select the required model(s), enter the delivery address, number and size of figurine(s).
4. Click on the “order” button.
Please see the video for a visual explanation

The branding on the booth itself cannot be modified apart from in exceptional circumstances. However, if you decide to use an exterior pod or structure for the booth, you can create your own design or use the Shapify design. In both cases, the design should be harmonized with us for technical and marketing purposes.
Yes. Shapify Booth it is the most portable and easy to deploy automated 3D scanning solution on the market. However, the booth should be assembled and calibrated by an authorized maintenance partner; this is about 4-5 hours’ work for a two man job.
We don’t count scans, we count the processed 3D files you choose to print or download. You can scan your customer as many times as necessary, this will be free of charge.
Hardware, delivered to your address
The whole scanning system – the scanning with 4 hi-res rotating scanners, lighting, and the computer to manage the process.
The first installation by our certified Maintenance Partner

There are 3 levels of software:
1. The software installed on the Booth PC for managing scanning and modelling a quick (1 min) preview so your customer can decide whether to accept the quality of the scan
2. Cloud software to process your hi-res model (3-5 min) and upload it to your personal account on the Shapify.Me web site.
3. The Shapify website software and interface to help you to store and manage your scans, download your files, order prints, check your scanning and printing accounts and schedules (within certain business-models)

1 year full warranty

With the “Optimal” business model you will also get 3000 automatically processed 3D files.

You will have a special counter on your personal account at You will always know how many files you still have left. When you have used them all, you will be able to top up your account on the website by paying $20 per extra scan.

Yes, the booth has to be connected to the internet since all the calculations are done in the cloud.

A lot of information, from the photos on your iphone to your credit card details, is sent to and processed in the cloud. All data on the Shapify website and in the Shapify cloud is encrypted and safe.

Yes, it can. Just remember that the more people are scanned together, the more difficult a job it is for the software, since everyone makes some slight movements even if they trying to keep totally still, and if there are several people in the booth, the volume of movements will be higher. So achieving a perfect scan of multiple people will be a little more difficult – although we have plenty of success stories!

You (and your customer) will see the finished preview in about 5 minutes. Based on that, the customer can decide whether they like the scan and wish to purchase the printed 3D shapie. The hi-res fully processed file should be available in about 15 minutes on your personal account on the website

This is the Artec L2, an enhanced version of Artec Eva, but with a wider view field and longer working distance.

You’ll need a space of at least 3.3m x 3.3m, ceiling height at least 2.8 m. For electricity you should have 220V and 2500W. We recommend a fast Internet connection of 8-10M. Don’t forget you should also have a Windows laptop or a desktop to run the Shapify software. It doesn’t need to be powerful, though, all the heavy work is done in the cloud and on the Booth PC.

Take a look at our map here and also keep an eye on our news.

Printing FAQ’s

There are 3 options:
1. You can order printing and delivery from us via the website.
2. You can find your own local printing partner.
3. You own a 3D printer yourself and print the figurines on your own premises.

Here are the printing prices we offer: (in US$, delivery not included)

Figurine scaled Approx. height Suggested market price, $ Artec printing price, $
1:12 6 inch (15 cm) 169 75
1:10 7.5 inch (18 cm) 219 105
1:8 9 inch (22,5 cm) 299 150

No, you can download the file from your account and print it yourself or outsource it.

With these prices we can guarantee the very best quality figurines and still at less than market price.

Our figurines reflect the real height of the person. If a 180cm tall customer orders the 1:10 size, their shapie will be 18cm high. If a 140 cm tall child orders the same size, the shapie will be 14 cm high. This means you can see your kids’ year by year progress and also show the real height ratio of family or company members.

We charge per person in the scan. If there are two people, the price is doubled, three, it is tripled, etc.

Our files are in .obj format (plus texture in .png) which can be easily transformed into any 3D format you need (like .ply or .stl) with free software (e.g. Meshlab)

Yes, we have a lot of 3D printing related connections worldwide.

It is a gypsum-based polymer. See tech details here

Sure. Once you have downloaded the file, you can print it out using any material you like – metal, plastic or even chocolate.

Applications of scanned data

  • Industrial design and manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • VR
  • E-commerce
  • Science and education
  • Forensics
  • Art and design

Industrial design and manufacturing

  • Reverse engineering

  • Quality control

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Aerospace


  • Orthopedics

  • Prosthetics

  • Plastic surgery

  • Custom wheelchairs

Science and education

  • Research
  • Training

  • Online museums

Art and design

  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture

  • CGI

  • Fashion