3D Scanning Services

Digital Scan 3D LLC (DS3D) has the experienced staff to perform any 3D scanning, Reverse Engineering and Quality Assurance projects. We have several variety technologies that range from Blue Light, White Light, to Blue Laser 3D scanners and Vertical-Cavity Surface-emitting Laser (VCSEL).


We offer the highest accuracy in the industry depending on the 3D Scanner used. Most of our 3D Scanners have accuracy ranging from 0.01mm to 0.1mm (0.0003” to 0.004”). When scanning your products, we will select the right technology that delivers the most optimal accuracy, speed and resolution you need for your application.

Types of 3D Scanning File Output

We can provide almost any/all industry standard file output:

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Sample of Items we can Scan

3D Scanning Services

Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering (3D Scan based) is the process of reproducing a part by extracting surfaces or sketches from a scanned point cloud/mesh to create a CAD model of the part. Different methods are used either prismatic/mechanical or organic. The product reflects how the part was to be designed originally. Creating a 3D CAD model from a 2D drawing to reflect design intent is also another form of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is becoming a more popular method of creating a 3D model of a part without existing CAD files. This process has saved lots of individuals and companies’ time, cost and increased quality on design processes and time to market.

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3D Scan to CAD Reconstruction

Reverse Engineering Services

Quality Assurance Services (QA/QC)

Digital Scan 3D LLC (DS3D) has highly trained and experienced staff to perform practically any inspection service project.
We can inspect and analyze your parts in a variety of ways:

  • 3D Scan to CAD Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection – Production Parts Inspection/ Production Part Approval Process(PPAP)
  • Dimensional Inspection/Analysis
  • Tool/Mold Inspection
  • Verify the compliance of final manufactured and assembled products through sample check inspection using automated techniques.
  • Monitor the production cycle by automatically measuring the wear of tools and quickly detecting any abrupt degradation in product quality.
  • Use high-density point clouds and contact-probe datasets of digitized prototype parts & assemblies to quickly identify deformations and to fix problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process.
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Inspecting 3D Scanned Parts to CAD

Quality Assurance Services

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    Industrial design and manufacturing

    • Reverse engineering

    • Quality control

    • Rapid prototyping

    • Aerospace


    • Orthopedics

    • Prosthetics

    • Plastic surgery

    • Custom wheelchairs

    Science and education

    • Research
    • Training

    • Online museums

    Art and design

    • Heritage preservation
    • Architecture

    • CGI

    • Fashion