In this article we’ll take a glimpse into one area where Digital Scan 3D and the 3D digital industry is being used by the medical industry in the fight against COVID-19 . In the early stages of the COVID outbreak, Digital Scan 3D was contacted by a number clients who were already on the front lines in the fight against the virus. Our clients ranged from large medical and pharmaceutical companies to individual doctor and healthcare worker who saw the need and had a good idea. In every case, our clients are looking for quick and accurate solutions to their product and manufacturing requirements.

Help in development of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is still is our most common overall request when discussing our contribution to the fight against COVID. The types of services that we can offer our clients is as varied as the clients themselves. Often times an individual working in the medical field will ask for our assistance to digitally capture an existing item with the intention of making changes or alterations. In these instances, DS3D will digitally scan the object (often times a mask or shield) and then provide the client with resulting 3D model, or .stl file. With the 3D model in hand the client is then able to apply their particular expertise on the subject and make the necessary changes.

In other situations DS3D was tasked by clients who required a broader range of services, including 3D body and face scans, engineering and CAD drawings, and 3D prototyping. In particular, the 3D head/body scan has become instrumental to the design process as it provides an accurate 3D model from which the PPE product is designed. In every case, we are able to assist our clients with the required design and engineering services all based upon accurate 3D scan models.

Digital Scan 3D is committed to assisting those who in the medical field as they work toward solutions to the COVID pandemic.