C500 Automated 3D Scanner Key Features:

  • High Accuracy: 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.03mm depending on lenses used.
  • Synchronized 3 Axis Turn Table
  • One-Click calibration process
  • Fully automated Blue Light 3D Scanner
  • 5.0 Megapixel
  • Light Source: Blue Light Technology
  • No Targets needed, active Sync (Auto Alignment).
  • Auto Path Detection & Automated calibration

C500 Automated Light 3D Scanner – Specification Table

Section C500 3D Scanner Remark
Resolution 2 x 5 Mpx
Measuring area (mm) 90 / 175 / 350
Point spacing (mm) 0.028 / 0.056 / 0.110
Dimensions (mm) 315 x 270 x 80 Scanner head only
Weight Approx. 2 kg Scanner head only
Interface USB 3.0 B type
Accessories 3-Axis turntable 2 Rotation / 1 Swing

C500 Blue Light 3D Scanner Special Features

  • Boosted Scanning speed with the all-new 3-axis turntable
  • Flexible scanning area with customized angles
  • Intelligent automatic scanning solution
  • Enhanced Scan data processing
  • Versatility for industrial use
  • The C500 Automated 3D Scanner provides fully automated 3D scanning solutions for both medium and large sized object. The C500 Automated 3D Scanner comes in sleek, compact design that can fit. on your desk to maximize workspace utilization.
  • The new C500 Automated 3D Scanner boasts an advanced 3D measurement technology called Phase Shifting Optical Triangulation. It also features an exclusive 3-axis turntable.
  • The optimized scanning angle combined with the high-end dual CCD cameras enable users to effectively scan areas beyond the pre-existing limits with no loss in quality. The detachable scan head weighs only 2.3 kg (5 lbs) and can be easily attached to other tripods or fixtures for larger scan objects. The C500 Automated 3D Scanner gives you the flexibility you need to scan objects both large and small in almost any location.
  • Also, the easy-to-use calibration process in the new C500 Automated 3D Scanner is automated to minimize inconvenience. Users can simply attach the calibration panel then click a button for a full auto-calibration. This feature helps users to generate appropriate scan paths depending on the scanning objects — a very useful tool when scanning multiple objects with similar shapes.

Blue light technology

Blue Light Technology that delivers superior data quality with improved scanning algorithms. The “Blue light scanner” makes scanning even faster and more precise than ever before.

I.M.V (Intelligent Multi View) scanning

The new I.M.V scanning technology ensures the acquisition of high quality scan data, which makes scanning jobs more cost-efficient and increases productivity.

Active sync

A mouse click away for actively synchronizing the model and camera views, enabling users to recognize any scanning position and to add more scans where they may be needed.

Open and spacious

The gold winner of International Design Excellent awards of 2014, Artec Micro Automated 3D Scanner has a fully open platform bringing the maximum in user convenience to 3D solutions.

Quality assurance

Utilizing 3D scan data, you can experience an automated quality control process. Compare measurements to the nominal CAD model and create color coded deviation maps of the errors in 3D. Identify and find solutions to any potential structural & functional defect by modeling the system or product in a virtual environment.

  • 3D correction & improvement
  • Tooling Inspection
  • Process optimization & Automation
  • Nominal & Actual comparison (CAD)
  • Geometric dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

C500 Automated Scanner

Open system

Able to export scanning data in the open STL, OBJ, PLY formats that works with any other open software.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering enables you to rectify tooling data, to transfer product developments into mass production in a time and cost saving manner, or to quickly and easily transfer older objects of which 3D data sets are not yet available in the CAD environment. Additionally, you can produce detailed pieces in various materials with seamless data integration.

  • System engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D modeling & printing
  • Document & archiving

Industrial design and manufacturing

  • Reverse engineering

  • Quality control

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Aerospace


  • Orthopedics

  • Prosthetics

  • Plastic surgery

  • Custom wheelchairs

Science and education

  • Research
  • Training

  • Online museums

Art and design

  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture

  • CGI

  • Fashion