Digital Scan 3D (DS3D) is located in the beautiful Portland, Oregon area. We specialize in Digital 3D Scanner sales, Software Training and Support. Our longstanding experience in 3D-Technologies allows Digital Scan 3D to counsel you expertly and independently for the implementation and the optimization of you measuring strategies.The focus of Digital Scan 3D’s service offering is helping clients execute business and technology initiatives and achieve results expected by top-management. Our engagement model differentiates us from traditional service organizations and enables us to deliver greater value to our clients.

3D Scanners: Digital Scan 3D and it’s partners provide a wide range of 3D Scanners. Artec Scanner: Very good for human scans with ability to capture color, NURBS parts/Art. Solutionix: Perfect for Indutrial Mechanical Part applications and well as NURBS. Digital Scan 3D has a strong team with years of 3D scanning to assist you in every way possible.

Software: Digital Scan 3D with it’s Partners provide and support a wide range of Software. PolyWorks The Universal 3D metrology software platform. PolyWorks is excellent for Scanning within, Reverse Engineering and Inspection (including GD&T). Leios takes scan data from 3D scanners and transforms the point cloud or STL mesh into a complete 3D polygon model or NURBS surfaces. Digital Scan 3D with it’s partners will provide all the training and technical support as needed by our clients.

Training & Support: Upon purchase of any of our hardware or software, Digital Scan 3D will provide all the technical support and training as needed. Digital Scan 3D Porltand and it partners will provide you with Jumpstart Training to introduce you to our 3D Scanners and Software and give you all the tools necessary to make you proficient. We will also provide ongoing support and training in an effort to overcome any challenges or issues that arise. For any questions that might arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.