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    Getting started on your 3D journery is just one step away!Fill out the form and a 3D specialist will contact you shortly, Or, give us a call right now at: 503.388.8888.

    Services Offered

    – STL/.OBJFile
    – Scanner accurancy ranges from 0.01mm to 0.1mm(0.0003″ to 0.004″).
    – Specific solidWorks files per request
    – Out source your inspection need to us
    – 3D Scanning based inspection
    – CMM based inspection
    – Custom Automation

    We can support you designing any products from concept to manufacturing

    Products Offered

    We provided a wide range of scanners.
    Accurancy ranges from 0.01mm to 0.1mm(0.003″ t0 0.004″).
    – GeoMagic for Design X
    – Poly Works
    – Leios
    – PolyWorks Inspection Software
    – GeoMagic Control X