Rexcan DS2 3D Scanner

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Rexcan DS2 3D Scanner Product info:
Automated System for 3D scanning small objects

Equipped with high-resolution twin cameras, Rexcan DS2 is an automated white light scanner that is capable of providing users with detailed and precise data, obtained from scanning small and detail-rich objects like jewelry. Through its automated scanning function, Rexcan DS2 that has a built-in two axis (swing and rotation) not only enables users to get the measurement job done fast and conveniently, but it can always obtain consistent data regardless of how unskillful users may be.

Quality and Speed 3D Measurement for Jewelry

Quickly and precisely turn any jewelry items into CAD/CAM data for modification, mold & tool making and 3D-printing in a cost-efficient way.
The Rexcan DS2 will save jewelry CAD designers and manufacturers at least 50% of their time for designing and producing very complex-shaped jewelry pieces.

The simplified Jewelry Design Cycle: from Scan to Perfect Fit

  • 1. Jewelry 3D scanning
    Manual measurements are no longer necessary. Using the highly advanced and fully automated DS2, the gem is scanned easily and quickly.
  • 2. Jewelry Design
    An enormous amount of time is saved for CAD designers using the precise 3D data of the gem.
  • 3. Mock-up
    STL format support all RP machine.
  • 4. Perfect Fit
    The gem is perfectly placed into the designed piece of jewelry!

ds2 specs

Rexcan DS2 3D scanner

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Rexcan DS2Key Features

Automated Scanning

3D scanning does not always take lots of work. With just a single click of a button, users can get their whole object scanning done very easily and quickly.

Compact Design

With the size of the desktop pc in mind, Rexcan DS2 is designed to be naturally fit into very limited space like your clinic, dental lab, office, and even your own desk.

High resolution twin camera with the white LED light source.

More accurate and detailed measurement data is obtained using high resolution twin-cameras, backed by the strong light intensity of the white LED projection.

Fast, High Quality 3D Measurement for Jewelry!
The DS2 equipped with 5.0 megapixel high resolution twin cameras enables jewelers to quickly and cost effecitvely turn any existing jewelry item into precise CAD/CAM data for modification, mold & tool making and 3D printing.
The video shows its specific features and a short workflow of it!